I've been an artist all my life and just recently started writing poetry. I LOVE art of all kinds and love reading! In 1985 a man attacked me, crushing my skull and raped me. I was declared dead upon my arrival at the hospital and was in a coma for awhile, but when I came out of it, I was determined to live life like I'd never lived before! I believe we waste so much of our lives not doing things because of fear... I just plunge into everything head on and have the time of my life... so I really must acknowledge that it had a profound affect on my life, I am LIVING it and participating in it instead of just existing in it and watching it go by. I love contributing to others and enjoy creating and nurturing!


Patti Williams Poems

The Sea

I have seen the splendor of the moonlight on the waves.
The brilliance of the sun sparkling playfully in the day.
I have seen the glory of life being spawned at sea...
I have seen many things; I have seen the sea.... more »

Born Of The Sea

Born of water, salt and wind; seaweed in my hair.
Longing for the ocean's depths, seldom needing air.
Serenity in the moonlit waves, lapping at the shore.
Riding the waves' rise and fall, contents my very core.... more »

Across Eternity

Searching through the ends of time;
One existance to another.
Watching treads of life unwind,
There is no time to recover.... more »

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