• Across Eternity

    Searching through the ends of time;
    One existance to another.
    Watching treads of life unwind,
    There is no time to recover.... more »

  • Als, The Quiet Killer

    No more tender moments.
    No more soft caress.... more »

  • Be The Cause

    Why do we listen when they say it can't be done?
    Why do we care when they tell us that the game can't be won?
    Nothing's over 'til it's over and of this you can be sure,
    So why let go of victory when the desire to win is yours?... more »

  • Born Of The Sea

    Born of water, salt and wind; seaweed in my hair.
    Longing for the ocean's depths, seldom needing air.
    Serenity in the moonlit waves, lapping at the shore.
    Riding the waves' rise and fall, contents my very core.... more »

  • By The Fire

    She's sitting by a fire watching sparks swirling by,
    Feeling so alone, trying hard not to cry.
    Remembering her husband who's been dead 3 years now,
    How he used to sit beside her by the fire and lay her down.... more »

  • Lou Gehrig's Bat

    Lou Gehrig was a baseball player,
    Hitting baseballs hard and true!... more »

  • Mother's Plight

    Walking through the ice and snow,
    Moonlight casting a blue/white glow,... more »

  • Skipping Across The Moon

    Her hair lifting on the wind
    Sent sprays of fragrance all around.
    She sensed the message being sent
    Though she never heard a sound.... more »

  • Spirits In Flight

    My first flight in a glider plane!

    There you were... in the air.
    You flew beside me - touched my hair!... more »

  • Take A Chance

    Some of us live our lives inside a shell
    Like crabs, retreating to our cell.
    Picking away at what washes ashore,
    Throw some out and pick through some more.... more »

  • The Name Of The Game

    Never before could I have seen
    In what direction things would lean.... more »

  • The Sea

    I have seen the splendor of the moonlight on the waves.
    The brilliance of the sun sparkling playfully in the day.
    I have seen the glory of life being spawned at sea...
    I have seen many things; I have seen the sea.... more »

  • Timeless

    The universe draws two spirits together-
    Two spirits unite, are one forever.
    Searching through time and space they see
    How love carries them on through eternity.... more »

  • Unknown World

    As I approach this crossing, my eyes straight ahead.
    I feel the unknown calling, a twinge of doubt is fed.... more »

  • We Become What We Resist

    Seeing hypocrites everyday,
    We shake our heads and turn away.... more »