Paul Amrod May 17th,1951

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For a moment thinking of nothing is highly healthy. However thinking for yourself is a prerequisite of sanity.
Waking Up
Hapless ventures will proceed into futility Courageous adventures succeed with humility
Each of us should scream with joy that we were given the gift of life. Why then do we toil and fret with worries and wicked strife?
Everyday observance

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Thank you so dearly Didier. Dein Paul
Hi Kumarmani, Such an eloquent compliment I have rarely received. You inspire me and give much further strength to continue my creativity. Hence I am very graciously filled with gratitude. I must offer you my website to hear my music as well. Look for Audio and hear my poetical music. Warmest regards, Paul
Hi Anzelyne, Your writing pleases my ears and soul as well. It is for me the same pleasure to read your insightful poems.
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