Paul Amrod Quotes

For a moment thinking of nothing is highly healthy. However thinking for yourself is a prerequisite of sanity.
Waking Up
Hapless ventures will proceed into futility Courageous adventures succeed with humility
Each of us should scream with joy that we were given the gift of life. Why then do we toil and fret with worries and wicked strife?
Everyday observance
The ingenious can never approve of cynicism. One must always leave the door open for exceptionalism.
Two dangers are looming. The damnation of our cherished environment through climate change or the futility of a brainless nuclear war.
Impeach Trump
Scratch your head and twiddle your thumbs nevertheless love your neighbor with a complement on your tongue.
Hideous attitudes will devour your good nature. Smiling through a day will only bring rapture.
Hidden in our inner self is the key of perfection. Like the wonders of our solar system's golden section and our lover's tender affection.
The Godly Voice
Simplicity is concrete as complication brings retreat. Reflecting on a sensitive mode frees our passions, well bestowed.
God blessed us with resiliency. Hence we can combat mediocrity while abolishing hypocrisy.
The Power of Tenaciousness