Paul Amrod Quotes

In the heat of the moment we needn't fret as our guardian angel our fate begets.
Trust and Faith
Like a slovenly aardvark sniffing through the desert searching for some prey without any effort.
Insisting on justice will never approach the higher ups with a sense of equanimity. Hence our example is the result of concrete actions of truly viable authenticity.
Releasing a spontaneous elation will elevate enthusiasm as the sense of the positive becomes contagious.
Why should anyone have fear. One must simply opens one's ear! 
The incredibly obvious perpetration of unrealistic brainwash techniques have left humanity in a shambles. We will rise above this ignoring these absurdities and steal the truth as this degeneration we'll unscramble.
Impossible Physics
A broken dream can lead to frustration. Nonetheless the belief in the future is the true realization.
Stubbornness is not a true attribute. It is behind pride and is uncompromisingly resolute.
Are asking me to believe? I think I will decide this for myself!
Brainwash and Hogwash
The absurdity of normalcy is as unimaginative as the status quo itself.