Paul Amrod Quotes

A view into a star-studded sky is more worth than the usage of a million dollars.
Idiocy is being only an instrument instead of making your own personal universe. This is the gift we have been given at birth to reach forward.
Innovative projection is a contagious entity denying thoughtlessness as a prerequisite.
Military intervention solely for profit? This gaudy shamelessness reeks of defilement. Disrespect for life and happiness from a despot deserves revilement.
The obvious aspiration for eternal war is a fascistic tactic known for the fruition of the weapon's industry. Can we put a stop to this misuse of human dignity resulting in a remorseful contrition?
Fascism against Humanism
My most coveted wish is the usurping of world power in the hands of benevolently generous extraterrestrials; reminding humanity of preferences of a higher quality reflecting our evidently essential potentials.
Welcoming Other Wisdom
The procedure of life in the 21st century brings the hyena to laugh. Nonetheless the metaphysical sage is whining in love's behalf.
Virtual Reality
Mustering the will to exercise your self-confidence is the key to a charmingly charismatic countenance.
Inner Strength
A wondrous gift is selflessness and boundless charity. Believing in the rewards of forgiveness forbids asperity.
Sacrificing the limelight for the profundity of creation will give immortality as one's soul thrives with liberation.
The Truth of Fame