Paul Amrod Quotes

The burgeoning of a celestial garden is within the third eye Express love to the heart of the lotus and softly mystify.
Essential Awareness
The plundering of the chances of the salt of the Earth will never bring true happiness or a resplendent mirth.
Our Earth is a Paradise brought forth through the Milky Way We must join this wonderful order and be devoid of disarray.
In Tune with the Universe
Authority has failed to discipline itself with character. Hence making your own decision must be something to factor.
Suddenly the rare premiere does awaken the sleeping giant. Hence an inspiration blooms with an expression so vibrant!
Through jealousy an irrational negativity is then born. Take a deeper breath and know under God you are adored.
Life's Caress
The audacity of concealment is a secret society. Their defilement of decency furthers our sobriety.
War for profit means the fabrication of an enemy. Actually an innocent thinker of another subjective. We must develop a true pluralism with an alternative and accept the proposition of an another identity.
A Wake-up Call
The fatality of an intolerably fallible deception wreaks to the heavens summoning God for its correction.
The ultimate invocation
The ignorance of avoidance is a total irresponsibility warranting outrage and outbursts for a token clarity. Summoning transparency is within our viable ability. We must persevere accepting no alternative to charity.
Forced concealment