• 2.45 Am Wind

    Tugging and tearing -
    Backing off - tugging and tearing,
    But this is not a terrier.... more »

  • Advice To Poets

    Don’t drive a car. Dreaming up a poem
    is not compatible with judging
    distances and steering straight.... more »

  • Dark Days

    By 1.20 a.m. the firestorm
    Raged 2,000 metres into the sky
    Even the canals blazed,... more »

  • Flatpack Poem

    If this poem came from IKEA
    It would be a flatpack poem
    You'd have to assemble it
    In your own time... more »

  • Silhoutte On A Staircase In Swindon

    Dark suddenly, the day's circulation choked off.
    Dizzy carlights, a wipered transparent
    Half-moon dissolves.... more »

  • Snail's Pace

    It had climbed from the lavender
    Under the open window
    And now creeps along the sill,
    I think of Hughes' thought-fox... more »

  • Stunned By Shakespeare

    I’d like to join this gang
    Of poets, their books
    Tower above me – beckoning…
    As I pull one out... more »

  • The Far Reaches

    Her flesh shrank
    From the spars
    Of her shipwreck,
    She ate less and less... more »