I am a actor and writer writing was something that started off as a hobby but when I started doing acting 3 years ago writing and writing poems was something that I started doing more since.

I'm a easy going person that loves heavy metal music playing video games watching horror movies and loves acting


Paul Burt Poems

Darkness Within

Darkness surrounds me, it festers within my heart and soul, like maggots feasting on the bloated skin of a diseased corpse.
Sick, twisted and unspeakable thoughts consumes my mind to the point where I want to make them come to life.... more »

End Of Everything

Tried to keep my head above the water
Yet the water keeps on rising till it reaches the top
Tried to hold on for as long as I could
But my grip is failing... more »

The One Nobody Wants

As I walk the streets, the same streets I've walked my whole life.I Look at all the people around me, seeing how they some of them have a good life yeah I know not all of them are perfect, but I can't help but feel sad when I look at how mine turned out. Oh how I wish things were different for me, but how can I when no one wants to even look my way and when they do they treat me like I'm scum.
Here I sit on the corner trying to keep warm with nothing but the clothes on my back watching people walk past me like I'm not even there then the police come and tell me to get lost can't they see that I'm lost already I'm the one nobody wants
The Rain begins to fall and everyone scatters to find a shelter and here I sit in a doorway the only shelter I have I sit there to keep warm and dry but I'm already soaked from the rain I'm so cold you can see the steam from my body heat come from me the rain continues to fall and watch the water circle the drain just like my life did.
Here I sit trying to keep warm and dry with nothing but the wet clothes on my back once more watching people walk by like I don't exist but I do exist but I'm the one nobody wants.... more »

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