• A Dying Machine

    Everyday we live a very small piece of us dies
    Our flesh gets older it thins and sheds with each passing second
    Life has been arond since the dawn of time yet we only exist for 36,500 days
    But we never know when it will be cut short for whatever reason fate has for us all... more »

  • Cold Days In The Wastelands

    The sun may shine but no warmth comes from it, the streets that once was filled with people going about their daily lives are now empty as the wind howls through them.

    No trace of life can be seen or heard
    Where has everyone gone?... more »

  • Darkness Within

    Darkness surrounds me, it festers within my heart and soul, like maggots feasting on the bloated skin of a diseased corpse.
    Sick, twisted and unspeakable thoughts consumes my mind to the point where I want to make them come to life.... more »

  • Doomed To Repeat

    Why Can't I see?
    Why Can't I feel?
    Am I blinded by the lies?
    Am I numb by the pain?... more »

  • End Of Everything

    Tried to keep my head above the water
    Yet the water keeps on rising till it reaches the top
    Tried to hold on for as long as I could
    But my grip is failing... more »

  • Fading Out

    As time ticks away, I prepare for my final moment, I see pictures from my life and remember all the good times in my life.
    The sunshine beams it's warm rays onto me, I've seen so many things and
    done so many things with so little time one person has in life.... more »

  • Home Is Where The Torment Is

    Why is my life always overweighted by Misery, Heartache and Sadness? ?
    Wake up everyday and it's always the same.
    Can't get through the day without someone at Home picking on me.... more »

  • Living In The Shadows

    I walk amongst you but you never see me
    You try to bury your dark secrets but I know where to dig
    I whisper in your ear but you never hear me
    I do not hide, yet you hide in plain sight... more »

  • Moving On

    Life can throw the screws at you when you least expect it.
    At times it can be crushing, to the point where you want to scream!
    crawl in a corner and die, yeah life is a b***h and everyone knows it!
    Should you let it keep on beating you down? No why should you let it beat you down!... more »

  • My Favourite Day Of The Year

    Summer comes to a close
    Leaves begins to fall
    The wind begins to howl
    All this means one thing... more »

  • Never Free

    Nothing in life is ever truly free
    No matter how much people paints and sells the idea of something being free
    but in reality it never is, everything has it's price
    even someone's life has a price.... more »

  • Never Say Never

    Knock me down, I'll just get back up
    Tell me I can't do it, I'll prove you wrong
    Lock me in a maze, I'll find a way out... more »

  • Self-Immolation

    They won't listen.
    Words are pointless, they are getting me nothing and nowhere,
    however my actions will speak louder than words.... more »

  • The Long Road

    Been on the road since the beginning
    A road that never seems to end
    No matter how far I've walked there's no end in sight
    But I'll keep on going than turn back... more »

  • The One Nobody Wants

    As I walk the streets, the same streets I've walked my whole life.I Look at all the people around me, seeing how they some of them have a good life yeah I know not all of them are perfect, but I can't help but feel sad when I look at how mine turned out. Oh how I wish things were different for me, but how can I when no one wants to even look my way and when they do they treat me like I'm scum.
    Here I sit on the corner trying to keep warm with nothing but the clothes on my back watching people walk past me like I'm not even there then the police come and tell me to get lost can't they see that I'm lost already I'm the one nobody wants
    The Rain begins to fall and everyone scatters to find a shelter and here I sit in a doorway the only shelter I have I sit there to keep warm and dry but I'm already soaked from the rain I'm so cold you can see the steam from my body heat come from me the rain continues to fall and watch the water circle the drain just like my life did.
    Here I sit trying to keep warm and dry with nothing but the wet clothes on my back once more watching people walk by like I don't exist but I do exist but I'm the one nobody wants.... more »

  • The Silence

    Is this a dream?
    Is this a message?
    Is this a bad joke I don't get the punchline to yet?... more »

  • Time

    ... more »

  • Voice

    I speak to whoever can hear my voice
    I crave for someone to listen
    There is so much want to say
    Yet these voiceless words fall on def ears... more »