• A Day Of Thought

    I turned sixty today
    Without permission
    Whilst my love left so early... more »

  • A Family Poem

    I do not feel I have contributed
    Sometimes I feel nothing
    I often just break down and cry... more »

  • A Poem For Aaron

    I know what you are going through mate
    You are not alone in this
    Someone left our hearts broken
    So much not resolved... more »

  • A Walk In The Forest

    Jump stones
    Dodge bending fronds
    Scented flower stems
    Like magic wands... more »

  • Aboriginal Fringe Dweller

    Fringe dweller no Christmas or New Year
    That’s white fella stuff
    Where do I go now... more »

  • Arnold My Frog

    You did not get to meet Arnold,
    My wonderful green tree frog,
    Befriended him in Queensland I did,
    When we shared a sodden log.... more »

  • Black Moon

    The moon was shining
    On my aboriginal friend
    I laughed my head off
    And said... more »

  • Black Prejudice

    Blacks can never love whites
    Whites poisoned our hearts
    Our children... more »

  • Cops Versus Blacks

    Respect has gone
    Both combatants are out of control
    Hatred all around loses any hope
    Of reconciliation... more »

  • Donald Trump V Kim Jong Un (Concerned Call)

    Kim baby how are you
    Hope you are glad I have calmed a bit

    Who's that?... more »

  • Donald Trump V Kim Jong Un (Telephone Call)

    It's the President of the USA can you hear me Kim
    Kim Jong UN
    Can you hear me?... more »

  • God I'm Giving Up On You

    You took my parents away from me
    My siblings had no clue
    Just a boy lost in misery and hatred
    In a boys home all because of you... more »

  • Gremlins

    I know you have not made your minds up yet
    Who I am
    Enigma bitter twisted loving and generous
    Even I do not know my own mind... more »

  • Haunted By Thee

    They are all there
    Every time I turn my head
    I see my fears of paternal failure
    I see my children crying... more »

  • Heaven Or Hell

    I’ll see you on the other side
    I’m sure
    The side where none of the living
    Have ever been before... more »

  • I Am An Aboriginal

    I’m black
    I have no issue with that
    You’re white
    I have no issue with that... more »

  • I Drink

    It’s one for the end of the day
    Two for the fact I had one
    Three for the sake of enjoying one and two
    Four for the relaxed state... more »

  • I Saw An Angel

    The light was spectacular
    The image was blinding
    The window was shut akin the door
    The room was moving clockwise... more »

  • If I Had My Time Again

    As a baby I remember nothing
    As a little boy I remember little
    As a teenager they put me in a home... more »

  • If Tomorrow I Die

    Tomorrow will not be my care
    I'll be gone
    Go forward in haste without me friends... more »

  • Kalgoorlie Aboriginal

    Sad days
    Nothing changes in the dust and heat
    The winter cold
    The dirty clothes on street side camps... more »

  • Kim Jong Un

    I hate you bastards in the west
    Donald Trump you're just a pest
    So I have built some rockets that I will test
    And show you all who's the best... more »

  • Kim Jong Un (Part Four)

    Am I not all you wanted you western swine
    I am Kim Jung Un Tarzan swinging on a vine
    The greatest fashion guru of all time
    Come on western girls I'm in my prime... more »

  • Kim Jong Un (Part Three)

    I sent a couple over Japan
    Just to show them that I'm the man
    Kim Jong Un with a nuclear plan
    I'll kill all westerners just because I can... more »

  • Kim Jong Un (You Silly Fucker)

    You silly fucker
    With all your mates
    Sitting there with crackers
    Taking on the states... more »