• Me And This Kid

    I pulled into the river bank
    A little kid was running around
    No parent anywhere
    So I didn't make a sound... more »

  • Mr Cook Come Back (Again)

    Can we start again Mr Cook?
    Can we change the purpose of your visit?
    Ownership of our land... more »

  • My Last Wish

    Riches do not enter my mind
    Happiness is a thing of will
    Love is take what you can get
    And... more »

  • My Love For Thee

    Love be the food
    Slip the breach of dissention
    An idiot a fool to wonder
    Of any other intention... more »

  • Osama

    Seventy two virgins waiting
    For a dead man

    Tragic... more »

  • Sad Men Black Men Dead Men

    He told me about the war
    Amongst themselves their own fellas
    And the grog the jails the police
    He did not want to talk about the women... more »

  • Terrorist

    How blind you are
    That you think death is a given
    That murder is acceptable
    That life is a throwaway... more »

  • Terrorist Australis

    What’s this thing called life
    In Australia
    Someone wants to kill us... more »

  • The Black And Thee

    Your white drugs are not healing
    What you gave us
    White disease alcohol and bitumen
    Concrete has no remedy whilst your gaols hold our kids... more »

  • The Importance Of Life

    Life is your chance to speak
    Your only chance to be heard
    Unlike death where your voice has no power
    And when life empowers you... more »

  • The Killing Of Lamby

    Lamby was Col's best pet and worked the Robinson's run
    Wandered around the yard everywhere eating plants for fun
    He did not know he was being stalked or that the end was nigh
    Col had to catch him first before he could ever die... more »

  • The Most Beautiful Girl In My World (For My Darling Nerine 12/09/2012)

    The heartaches are stronger again my girl
    As that day nears
    As I relive all my fears
    Of... more »

  • The Stolen Generation

    Turns out the last light
    A Blackout
    And... more »

  • Ugly Chinese Ambition

    Its a shambles its a shame
    Those chinese are at it again
    Inflicting disease for gain
    From whence this curse suddenly came... more »

  • Watching And Waiting

    Did you not think I would get old one day
    And worry

    I might pass away... more »

  • When I'm Gone

    When they send me off
    I won't know anyway that you came
    You thought me not worthy of a farewell... more »

  • White Attack

    What did you think we were capable of?
    Against your guns
    Against your madness
    Your alcohol... more »

  • Why I Write

    Fifty years and getting on,
    Emotions in head and heart,
    I’m closer to the end of my life,
    Than I am to the start.... more »