Paul Celan 23 November 1920 - 20 April 1970

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In den flussen nördlich der Zukunft In den flussen nördlich der Zukunft werf ich das Netz aus, das du zögernd beschwerst mit von Steinen geschriebenen Schatte. - - - - - - in Italian: _______ Nei fiumi a nord del futuro Nei fiumi a nord del futuro getto la rete che tu, esitante, carichi di ombre scritte da pietre [da “Virata di respiro” (“Atemwende”) ]
many critics have asked, “Can poetry be written after the Holocaust? ” Hamburger’s response seems to be that the more beautifully this poetry is written, the more it can provide the most discomforting account. in Goodrich, J., Rhyme or Reason? : Successfully Translating the Poetry of Paul Celan (2008)
''poetry is probably the most useful form of writing for confronting grief. Indeed you can be very precise about emotions with poetic language, as well as being open and even harsh. The language of poetry can allude to things almost inexpressible in prose. Paul Celan's poetry is a beacon, from this point of view.''
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