PCC Paul Clement Czaja January 9,1936

My Baptismal name is Paul after the saint who wrote such good and helpful letters - my middle name is Clement after my paternal grandfather who played the violin - my family name is Czaja (pronounced “chai-a” which rhymes with “Hi-ya! ”) which is the Polish word for the Lapwing plover (Vanellus vanellus) . I am from the North-East Bronx originally, and as a boy with my twin brother, Pete, was taught elementary lessons at our Parochial School (St. Raymond's) by teachers who used “carrots and sticks” to modify our happy, playful behavior - and then later as a teenager was instructed by the priests and brothers of a Catholic High School (Cardinal Hayes High) - and then still later as a young man by the Maryknollers at Maryknoll and after by the good Jesuits at Fordham University. I majored in philosophy and the classics (Latin & Greek) : and then because of my philosophical studies in personhood and existentialism, I decided to put my life to work ministering to children and was hired by Nancy Rambusch as one of the founding faculty of the Whitby School the American Montessori Center Montessori in Greenwich, Connecticut.
After two score years of happiness there, I went west to have Montessori educational adventures elsewhere on this beautiful blue planet in such diverse places as Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Michigan, China, Minnesota, Arizona, and most recently Belize - and now Florida.
The past forty eight years of serving children and their parents have whitened my hair and beard with age and weakened my legs - but they have not taken the sparkle from my eyes nor the smile from my face, nor the joy from my mind/heart/soul.
I am a poet, storyteller, lecturer, Montessori educator and trainer, consultant, administrator,
philologist, friend, husband, father, and an advocate of the sharing of mind, heart, and soul within the unfathomable space named the Internet by most but called the Noosphere by me. I can be reached by e-mail at czaja36@yahoo.com.



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