PC Paul Cormier 4/22/1949

Born in Auburn, Maine, in 1949, Paul has authored fourteen books of poetry including Cross Lake and Other Poems, Soaking The Harp, A Heap of Smouldering Boundary Stones: Selected Poems 1985-2011, Will We All Pull Through Together? New Poems: 2013-2016, and four preceding ‘short poem books: ’ To Make A Rule, Swimming The Bay, Nurturing The Cup, and Wow, do take a bow! Several of his books are now available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com. Paul has had poems and prose accepted by several regional publications in Maine, namely the Aroostook Review, and Wolf Moon Journal. He is also an occasional memoirist. He has at intervals made his home at Cross Lake in the Aroostook of Maine for the last sixty-seven years.



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