• A Bubble About To Pop

    Are we just ants in the pavement cracks?
    And the sky is just the sole of someone's boot
    The moon a pearl on our army's silvery backs
    Drawing us on to the earth's tap root... more »

  • A Child's Voice

    We adults trudge through our care-worn days
    Lives lived in a frenzied and anxious haze
    But in a moment, in life we again rejoice
    All we need is to hear a child's voice... more »

  • A Day At Blyth

    The crowds gathered on Blyth's beach
    To see how far into the past they could reach
    And under their slightly cloudy skies blue
    Re-enact the battles of World War Two... more »

  • A Day At The Races

    All were gathered at Gosforth Park
    With a good days racing in view
    Hearty banter was being exchanged
    In the dining room as the clamour grew... more »

  • A Former Life

    A former life
    Lying in the bottom of a drawer
    Photographs of times long past
    Now no more,... more »

  • A Gathering For Wogan

    'How shall I praise him? Let me count the ways.
    I think he was the tops, the cat's miaow;
    For pity's sake, who else would you allow
    To mutter in your ear each dawn of days... more »

  • A March Morning

    Everything is ready
    As I take the morning air
    Everything is in front of me
    As Spring begins it’s repair... more »

  • A Peculiar War

    It is a peculiar war to wage
    One related in some ways to age
    But against a foe without a form
    Nothing to measure against the norm... more »

  • A Place

    O, to have a place
    Where I could visit you and think,
    To just stand in the breeze
    To consider life's brink;... more »

  • A Rose About To Bloom

    Is there anything more beautiful
    Than a rose about to bloom,
    You can hear loved ones voices
    Before they enter the room;... more »

  • A Safe Place

    That which you have given me
    Has enriched me
    And seeped deep into my bones,
    Hidden away from day to day cares... more »

  • A Seagull's Cry

    You awoke me from slumber
    At four o'clock this morning
    With your wild call of freedom
    Which sliced the air... more »

  • A Summer Rose

    I walked past a rose
    On impulse, stopped
    Then turned back;
    How could I discard... more »

  • A Tale Of Sunday

    Our fingers were stained with strawberries
    That we had picked from great long rows
    Some were really funny shapes
    "I've never seen one of those! "... more »

  • A View Of Home

    There it is!
    Home, near our outstretched arms
    But, from this unnatural viewpoint, still so far away
    An unlikely stranger knocking at our door... more »

  • A View Of The World

    My eyes absorb their view of the world,
    The lazy stream, going on it's way,
    Dribbling it's tranquil message
    To eternity;... more »

  • A World Away From The Storm

    To be in this favourite place again
    Where the light floods my eyes and mind
    So that barren thoughts, no longer grey
    Are whipped up with the cares of the world... more »

  • Above The Clouds

    Hidden above the clouds
    There is a sunny day,
    Beyond our mortal vision
    But coming to light our way;... more »

  • Adversity

    It is in adversity

    You find the strength of the soul... more »

  • After All

    I look over a wall
    At horses in this cloudy-sky spot
    At my sides my arms uncertainly fall
    I don't know whether to like horses or not;... more »

  • Aira Force

    Aira Force beckoned us to go and see
    It's source amongst the Lakeland hills
    It's tranquil setting of historic note
    Where Wordsworth spied his daffodils... more »

  • All It's Glory

    The year is poised
    In abeyance, hidden
    But still palpably there
    Right next to us... more »

  • All Of Life

    All of life is ahead of you today
    As, unknowing, you immerse yourself in play
    Pure in spirit, unblemished and clean
    Love stored in your heart and loyalty keen;... more »

  • All Of These Things

    All of the things that would be forgotten
    As the days and years pass
    As Autumn turns to Winter
    As the weeds invade the grass... more »

  • All Right Now

    Sensing my doubt, you weighed in
    Through the airwaves with music akin
    To the most exciting sound ever heard
    To label it just 'pop' would be absurd... more »