Paul Raymond Gregory is an English artist born and raised in Derby (UK) in 1949. Best known for his JRR Tolkien-inspired fantasy paintings and rock album covers, he has also created book covers and is a co-founder of Bloodstock Open Air Heavy Metal festival.

During the 1970s Paul opened a gallery in his home village, where he exhibited several local and international artists’ work. Around this time, He began producing a series of paintings based on JRR Tolkien's epic tale, The Lord of the Rings. His first canvas was completed in 1978 and measured 10'x 6'. To date, Paul has painted a total of 38 Tolkien pieces. Ex-Sotheby's art dealer Peter Nahum owns the major part of Paul’s Tolkien-inspired artwork and has staged exhibitions in the UK and Europe using bespoke frames by John Davies.


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