• Closed

    With eyes closed I still see the light
    and sense everything I need to dream,
    there’s still chance all will come right
    - torn edges form an invisible seam;... more »

  • Golden

    While the weather was still warm
    they played in the fountains
    and life seemed easy
    it was natural to smile... more »

  • Hull

    The ferries on the Humber river in England were replaced by a magnificent bridge, but memories are alive....


  • I Knew

    I knew your dad had died
    but now your mum and brother too
    and the death notice wasn’t clear
    - it might also have been you... more »

  • Longest

    The longest day
    doesn’t feel much longer;
    tomorrow’s glass misting
    with breath of winter... more »

  • Love In Leeds

    Horseplay in the corridor
    but where was our first kiss?
    Was it in my dinky room?
    The taste of balmy bliss... more »

  • National Poetry Day

    We are a poetry nation
    for one spectacular day

    when all heroes and heroines... more »

  • On The Beach

    In the UK, donkey rides and building sand castles are still popular, but we cannot control the tide....

    ON THE BEACH... more »

  • Safe Hands

    (This is a tribute to the fishing folk of Whitby, England. A mention is made of chips in the poem, which in the USA I believe are called fries!)

    SAFE HANDS... more »

  • The Chalky Fields At Leavening

    Living on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, England, is mostly uneventful, but sometimes.....


  • The Secret Of Happiness

    I stumbled upon
    the secret of happiness

    a brief article... more »

  • Waiting

    It's extraordinary the creatures you can come across in the quieter parts of Yorkshire, England.....

    WAITING... more »