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this man's poems are lovely. i've never been a huge fan of poetry myself, but he was one of the poets i had to write about for an assignment. he is most definitely an exception. i enjoy the sorrowful feeling a lot of his poems emit.
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From the book Wisdom & Whimsy: The Poetry of Roxanne Head (,2006) Paul Laurance Dunbar. Besides myself, he is my favorite poet. The great Negro poet, who was active in the early 1900s and died young of tuberculosis? No. Langston Hughes was a great Negro poet. Paul Dunbar is a great poet, period. The fact that his skin was black is irrelevant.
Why is he black like 4 real
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Dr Mohlouoa Ntsasa a South African prolific novelist, poet laureate, motivational speaker, acclaimed linguist, celebrated actor and academic. Mohlouoa Ntsasa is the first African Poet, to research and write for twelve years (12 years) a poetry book called “Poetry” that has all sixty one (61) known forms of poetry in one book, thus includes but not limited to: Acrostics, Anagrams, Canzones, Epigrams, Limericks, Monosyllabics, Palindromes, Rondeaus, Sestinas, Tercets etc, etc. Moreover, he wrote the second longest Palindrome Poem in the world, the first longest palindrome poem is 224 words written by Demetri Martin's and his is 335 words breaking the world record. POETRY R120.00 (POETRY COLLECTION) For more information Leah Mkhondo@: Tel: +2715 297 6842, Tel: +2753 5740 223, Cell: +2776 271 5170, Cell: +2782 040 6037 Fax2Mail: +2786 269 8434, E-Mail: CLOSE HABIT (TYPE OF POEM: GHAZAL) I sniffed a habit called close I cut my heart to see you close I kiss your hands and neck Each time I pull you close I kiss your cheeks and eyes For keeping your beauty close I kiss your pains and tears Each time your wound close I kiss your world with a seal Nobody jealous can get close I kiss your shadow and smell Now for worry gap you close I kiss your lingerie’s and rings Behind each door you close I kiss your tongue and lips For every secret you disclose I kiss your divorce certificate Until I find someone close April 11,2011 by Mohlouoa Ntsasa
Incredible men should not be forgotten. Thank you Mr. Dunbar for your works.
I live on his street (N.P.L. DUNBAR ST., DAYTON, OH.,) and i am in sheer awe, as a poet myself, of the brilliance and talent of this precious man who lived 33 yrs. What a talent, and his final home is so beautiful! r.i.p. Paul.
I remember reading Paul Dunbar in high school and in a college poetry course. His words are not only profound, but they also read like music to the ears. He speaks from the heart about feelings that are not only evoking the black experience, but life experience. Try reading his poems aloud especially those in dialect. It's worth the extra effort.