• A Hard Call

    A Hard Call
    By Paul McCann... more »

  • A Warm Thanks

    A Warm Thanks

    When winter winds bring Frostbiteus
    or we get Mondayiteus... more »

  • Always By My Side

    He worked so hard all his life,
    to pay the bills and provide.

    Somehow through the thick and thin,... more »

  • Breakfast In Winter

    I can still see my mother squatting down by the fireplace ,
    Putting some sticks over scrunched up newspaper .

    She struck a match and lit the paper as smoke arose.... more »

  • Caring Along The Way

    Caring Along The Way
    By Paul McCann

    I once met an old lady who I cared for as a nurse,... more »

  • Convalescing Conversations

    Non-verbal things said, can be misread, time and time again.
    A word left out, can place a doubt and facts are lost in vain.

    Some bad reports end up out of sorts like some patients do.... more »

  • Don'T Steal My Heart Away

    Don't Steal My Heart Away
    By Paul McCann... more »

  • Every Soldier Has A Dream

    After a war a soldier sometimes has to cry as dreams of those memories waters in the eye.

    It's very sad when this world of ours goes to war.
    Peace is the thing that soldiers have fought and died for.... more »

  • Follow Your Feelings

    Follow Your Feelings

    By Paul McCann... more »

  • Grandmas Old And Grey

    Grandmas Old And Grey
    By Paul McCann... more »

  • King Of The Lake

    If a castle I could make, of a kingdom in a lake I’d be King in my underwater world.

    To rule in my own pool, from a throne would be so cool, I could even make the water round me swirl.... more »

  • Laps Of Life

    My father carried me when I was small and meek.
    He held me in his arms where I could hear him speak.
    I know what he said, though I could not understand,
    What life was all about and what for me was planned.... more »

  • Let Your Love Be

    Let Your Love Be
    By Paul McCann... more »

  • Love Will Find A Way

    Pre-Phrase (Paul McCann)

    This is a structure of poetry I created that has one phrase or line repeating as an answer to the previous line of the poem. The phrase will then become the totle of the poem.... more »

  • Manipulation In Cyberspace

    From cyberspace it came without warning,
    Delivering pre-programmed downloads all over the planet.

    Into every port they slipped in undetected,... more »

  • My Fathers Faith

    Dad lifted the collection plate
    Each week at Sunday mass,
    Then afterwards he and I
    walked the streets around Belfast.... more »

  • Path Of Peace

    Path Of Peace
    By Paul Mc Cann... more »

  • River Roads Of Peace

    River Roads Of Peace
    By Paul Mc Cann... more »

  • Silence Is A Sea

    Tai Chi on the beach.
    As I gently reach.
    My hands to the sky,
    I see with my eye,... more »

  • Soldiers Strong

    Soldiers Strong
    By Paul McCann... more »

  • Surrounded By A Street Breed

    Surrounded By A Street Breed (It's A Dogs Life)
    By Paul Mc Cann... more »

  • The Dust Of No Return

    After the war was over, I returned to Australia and wed,
    with severance pay as a kick start we looked at getting ahead.
    We checked out this land in the country then borrowed to build our
    dream.... more »

  • The Way Ahead

    Mirror Loop Structure
    This is a style I created myself.

    The structure of this poem is written so that the poem can be read from the beginning to end and then back again from it’s end to the beginning.... more »

  • The Wheel Of Life

    The Tanka Structure

    A short poem that uses syllables in it's structure similar to the Haiku.... more »

  • Times Rhymes And Valentines

    If valentines are true when love is new and found,
    I was lost and found you to be the truest thing around.
    I was tossed in a tempest, alone in the sea,
    but your sweet love in the gentlest way,... more »