• (left To Right) And (Top To Bottom)

    (Left to Right)
    Therefore, How with Codes
    can I form. linking the roads... more »

  • A Beapoeit Poem

    I say I'm not a poet, For like of which I know it,
    Rhymes absurd in metered word,
    Describing not a poet... more »

  • A Beautiful Mind Intro

    Comes to start with, black in heart then
    Light will shout the, world comes out light’s
    All around the, gold is found to... more »

  • A Pale Comparison

    My words will swell upon the task to write you
    With ink of gold that strains to shine your beauty
    As I’m to tame a zoo of joy to come to
    A bliss evoking love that feeds my duty... more »

  • A Southern Turn

    Walkin down the timeless sound, of how the west was won
    Keepin’ fight to win what’s right for badge of job well done
    With sheriff’s way on town astray, to save a mother’s son
    The start of heart with northern part the south said witha gun... more »

  • A Spectramatic Perception

    All is dark, no choice exists
    Start a spark, creating bliss
    Run its light, from that to this
    Perimeter, created bliss... more »

  • Absolutely Zero

    I want to take that star
    And own it in a box
    Block all spectrums far
    To lock rebinding shocks... more »

  • Aurora Borealis

    The power color in the sky
    For charging core as it flies by
    From sun that shines a power high
    More to equate this than meets the eye... more »

  • Autism's My

    MY Autism’s a world inside of my mind
    LANGUAGE in image, picture in rhyme
    SPEAKING the word to which I am blind
    PICTURES of echo, sounds of mime... more »

  • Blossoming Love

    Fragrance of flowers, Soul mates in pair
    Running with romance, Taking loves dare
    Making the moments, Without despair
    Smiles of sunshine, Blossoming air... more »

  • Breaking Photons

    Take a look into the light
    Within shadows of the night
    Cross your eyes and cover one
    Sharpened circles have begun... more »

  • Ceiling Fans

    I want to ionize the air
    With the fins of ceiling fans
    I will suck and pull it through
    With magnetic types of trends... more »

  • Celebrations Of Me

    Just figuring up i have autism.
    asperger's to be exact.
    And seems i can guide my mind at times.
    While they tend to lend in rythmic blends,
    I have a point inside them.... more »

  • Christmas Day

    Christmas is so merry, at this special time of year
    Christmas is extraordinary, as long as you are here

    Inside my heart I’ll jump and dance, excited just to see... more »

  • Christmas Glee

    I’ve got a jingle in my jangle here at Christmas
    As my smile runs for miles round to see
    I’ve got a jingle in my jangle here at Christmas
    As I’m running round to show my Christmas glee... more »

  • Christmas Spirit

    Put up a splash of Christmas spirit
    Put in a dash of love
    Stir up the sounds ‘till you can hear it
    Sing out to those you love... more »

  • Christmas Time

    We paint the house, myself and spouse, with things we both enjoy.
    As hanging lights, at glance delight, we plan and then deploy.... more »

  • Cleveland Public Libraries

    In Cleveland public libraries
    On systems running legacies
    I found a door, which they ignore
    And told them of their fallacies... more »

  • Clusters Of Pc Bios

    A bios cluster plug and play
    With loads to match circuit’s delay
    An S L I can do this now
    With video that screams to plow... more »

  • Colorfully Beautiful

    Pink’s pretty passion, Red’s re-revelries
    Blue’s babbling brook, Green’s gracefully glee
    Purple’s past presence, Orange's overseas
    Yellow’s young yearning, your Love sets me free... more »

  • Computers

    Ridiculous redundancies
    Here and there and there
    So I see them all the time
    They’re spawning everywhere... more »

  • Congress

    Pros and cons to everything
    Debating fight of congress ring

    This is right and this is wrong... more »

  • Contempt Of What This Is

    Contemporary poetry
    Seems to restrict my visions
    For I find rhymes without deliberation... more »

  • Da Vinci Complex

    I see the pictures through my sign
    Of painting code while colored blind
    He knew to well and drew a line
    Da Vinci complex, here to find... more »

  • Describing The “not Poem”

    There’s a poem I want to write
    That can’t ever be written
    And every time it is in sight
    It can’t be seen or smitten... more »