• Eight And Or Seven Layers Of Containment And Or Control

    Here are my layers to contain, controlling puzzled choices
    Of universal law and stuff, as I feel I have to voice this
    It can show me interaction; abiliti’ed abstraction... more »

  • Electric

    It’s jumping off of matter
    To be as it will miss
    It’s shifting through pattern
    To yield its time to bliss... more »

  • Electric Ways

    I’ll make a single pathway
    Then split it into two
    And equal out the struggle
    Both ways will soon imbue... more »

  • Five Grouped Cubes

    The last and vast digits of change start to run
    In groups it loops seven nine seven one one
    The nines can shine that an off pattern is spun
    In groups of troops between nine and seven’s son... more »

  • Flowering A Hexagon

    When flowering a hexagon,
    One must remember rules
    Note the patterns that come out,
    And jot them down as tools... more »

  • Good People

    How true in all time, good people can’t see
    How true and sublime, their good could just be
    How true in life’s grime, good people agree
    How true with their chime, they sing of happy... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    For another year’s gone by
    To show your wondrous ways

    As your path will let you fly... more »

  • Hexing Hexagons

    These hexing hexagons of mine
    Are perplexing hexing thoughts
    Of whirling toward the world I see
    For a swirl of whirling fun... more »

  • Hidden Truths

    I weep and reap a heap of hope
    For us to figure wise
    We use, abuse, and muse to make
    The truths of mental highs... more »

  • History Past Life

    Life’s tail drags behind
    From twists to a twined
    Unweaving future's History... more »

  • Holes Not Whole

    These blacken holes, might not be whole
    Not one but two, or three could roll
    Around the threads, that tie their stroll
    These blacken holes, will own control... more »

  • How To Write A Poem?

    Must I know what I write down
    Meaningless or meaning found
    Making poem, don’t know how
    Must I know what I write down... more »

  • I Aspire To Respire

    I aspire to respire
    When my wife’s driving the car
    And the lane shouldn’t be shifting
    So I scream with panicked scar... more »

  • I Do A Little Thing

    I do a little thing
    Where I fix your CPU
    And I’ll do a little dance
    While I make it stable too... more »

  • I Speak In Words Of Apple Sauce

    I speak in words of apple sauce
    And splash up lines of plum
    I speak in garbled apricots
    To greet the thoughts that come... more »

  • I Try To Try

    Winding reels of reality,
    They bind the twists of fate
    Mending ruled mentality,
    To switch the mind of state... more »

  • I’d Like To Write A Sonnet Just In Fun

    I wrote to write my thoughts in clarity
    I wrote to write ideas and views that storm
    You see I wrote to write tranquility
    But now I want to write in sonnet form... more »

  • I'M Just A Retard

    I wake up in the night
    From perceptions in my sight
    Inventions and poems to be... more »

  • Just A Lens

    The sun was at high noon
    With a circle in the air
    Of colors holding hands
    No golden pot to bear... more »

  • Killing Pi

    Here’s how I want to control pi
    I’ll start by making it go by
    To all the numbers everywhere
    The halves and quarters all will share... more »

  • Levels Of Selection

    A Darwinian frustration
    Of how to show a relation
    Between steps of evolution
    I found assortments in a row... more »

  • Lightning Farms

    Strikes of light across the sky
    Thrown long and far to see
    Awesome forces play their hand
    Thrown power flying free... more »

  • Magical Days With You

    All the magical ways
    With the magic of days
    My soul is soaring for you... more »

  • Magnets

    Magnetic ripples rolling round
    One a cube and one sphere bound
    With a table through their grasp
    And a tilt on the cube's path... more »

  • Mocking Of Sheep

    Pick a pack of pickled fate
    From which the small will tend and rate
    Look and see the crowd around
    Lead like sheep and shepherd bound... more »