• Motherboards

    Change the way an electron rides
    And put a board on all six sides
    While wiring the inner guides
    With faster path ways this provides... more »

  • Motion Of Bombs

    A single bullet can direct; while it revolves into object
    But missiles don’t seem to reflect; the revolutions that effect

    Now make the missile spin around, and roll it bout faster than sound... more »

  • My First Sonnet

    If I’m to write and form a little song
    I’ll choose to use the English code and rules
    I’ll learn the laws to lay my bricks along
    The roads I build of codes with English tools... more »

  • My Gravity

    I want to see the galaxy
    I want to set it in my palm
    I need to breathe its gravity
    I need to break it into calm... more »

  • My Language

    I never speak
    My spoken word
    Never is said
    Nor ever heard... more »

  • My Life

    Sprinkles in reality
    Holding loved ones near
    Routines running rapidly
    More than one can peer... more »

  • My Mall

    I want to make a game
    That can have no high score
    And plan that this there game
    Takes off and starts to soar... more »

  • My Mind

    A world, in my view
    My real, is okay
    A view, splits into
    My worlds’, on display... more »

  • My Thought

    Twisted sifting shadows
    Binding bending nights
    Raveled whirling whispers
    Leaving looking lights... more »

  • Perceptions Galore

    One perception of gravity
    Another with out time
    One perception of levity
    And one in all of rhyme... more »

  • Pi

    It’s not just a number
    A pattern-less blunder
    That defies a slumber
    Though many will wonder... more »

  • Politics

    These partisans, with grains of sand; will never kill the ghost.
    Of written word, unto the world; to lie with truth and boast.
    Ideas in man, inside of mind; to act as worldly host.
    Betters all or betters him? His passions guide his post!... more »

  • Power Of Squares

    I spent one day thinking in squares
    With roots that times across in pairs
    I saw as new pattern declares
    Then it was shown within these squares... more »

  • Showing Him The Questions

    Answers every question right
    To get a million dollars
    Know the answer without sight
    He's gettin like a scholar... more »

  • Simply Natural Love

    A sparkle and glimmer, In starry night sky
    With beauteous breezes, calm meadows fly by

    I look and I wonder, Oh how could this be?... more »

  • Socially Abnormal

    Social situations,
    With ways that make me shake
    Social inhibitions,
    With ways of bringing ache... more »

  • Space-Time Or Space And Time

    Debate and rate
    With added weight
    While patterns picked
    Associate... more »

  • Splitting The Sparkle

    Splitting the sparkle from seams in the sky
    Running in fabric with threads flying by

    Twisting contorting a glimmer of light... more »

  • Statistically Autistic

    Autistic thoughts in person,
    Can run a rue in haze
    While autistic thoughted people,
    Construct routine in days... more »

  • The Hidden Sonnet

    I’ll, awake in arms of true tranquility
    To, greet the day with love I hold in true
    All, I need is you with passion freeing me
    My, day will start in bliss as love renews... more »

  • The Start Of My Days

    Days come to a start
    With you in my heart
    My love, my wife, my true... more »

  • This I Believe

    This I believe
    I try, to conceive
    Selfless glee, runs out to free
    Guide of mind’s, insanity... more »

  • Thousands Of Words

    A picture says a thousand words
    My mind is always seeking

    Lack of sound from nothing heard... more »

  • To Play With Beats To See What Comes To Run

    I think a female foot has clarity
    To give a calm or peace before the storm
    I see its sounds in soft tranquility
    With words of love inside a softer form... more »

  • To Write A Realization

    A stanza can not stop the hand of death
    The reaper rips across the paper sheet
    A stanza can not save a life with breath
    To drown a person choking words they eat... more »