Paul Roazen Biography

Paul Roazen (August 14, 1936 Boston – November 3, 2005) was a political scientist who became a preeminent historian of psychoanalysis.

Roazen studied at Harvard University and in Chicago and Oxford. Later he returned to Harvard. The subject of his dissertation was Freud's political thinking. In 1971 he changed to York University in Toronto, where he taught until his early retirement in 1995.

In 1965 Roazen began to interview surviving friends, relatives, colleagues and patients of Sigmund Freud. His first 'big' book Freud and his followers was based on hundreds of hours of material. This was an original approach at the time. Kurt Eissler interviewed pioneers of psychoanalysis but, with the exception of an interview with Wilhelm Reich, they were not published.

Roazen was the first non-psychoanalyst whom Anna Freud allowed to access the archives of the British Psychoanalytical Institute. He was able to see the huge material Ernest Jones had used to write his biography of Freud.