• A Dark Rainy Road

    Dusk fell with eerie on a snaky dirt road
    Stones beneath my feet spoke louder than before
    Abandoned round the bend, sat quiet an abode
    Dressed dark and empty - the same array we wore... more »

  • Ambrosine

    In the early morning moon, - about the hour three
    A cry reached my bedside, - it called out for me

    It would start to snow again, I would begin a search... more »

  • Black Cat

    To close my eyes upon the night would be not black as you

    It would lack the mirrored sheen and shine the sun gazed into... more »

  • Haunted

    If my stare were ghostly cold and abandoned by a smile
    Would you flee my haunted soul - a stranded passersby?

    Would you learn what's in my walls - exhuming the remains inside?... more »

  • If Life Were But A Blank Page

    Fulfilling what's vacant within
    As life were but a blank page
    With words truly a friend
    If some I could only erase... more »

  • Invading Gray

    A chill rose the morning as the sun danced away
    The snow chose her waltz, beneath invading gray
    At rhythems of my loss — a fallen flake she laid
    Never to drift another from heaven that way... more »

  • Lady In The Courtyard

    She walks the castle's courtyard with beauty by her side
    Past the radiant roses, and a guard's admiring eye
    It's there that she poses, by the garden's clementine
    It's there that she rests; within the dreams of mine... more »

  • My Heart Is Not A Hunter

    I was born near midnight in twilight of summer
    Dreaming days to find you, tho` my heart is not a hunter
    Throughout the autumn hours in forests tinted gold
    I sought, and I scoured, through winter's kiss of cold... more »

  • My Shinning Pome

    I reached a shining pome in company of cloves

    To ripen its taste by the shade of the grove... more »

  • Mystic Enchanted Charm

    If there were a spell, or mystic enchanted charm
    I would keep them for myself, and bring you to my arms
    My soul would show a shine the crescent moon never wore
    Then hug you throughout time... closer than sea to shore... more »

  • October; To Those Departed

    A familiar scent carries in the October breeze, escorting my thoughts through the sycamore  trees

    The chorus they roar, sounds a chime like the sea, the sighs upon the waves are the memories of me ... more »

  • Our Smile

    Our smile, not born of joy - as yours

    Though, we push hard just to bear a little grin... more »

  • The Hollows Within

    Many days were pondered at hollows inside
    Many nights were wandered in echoes I've cried
    Seeking a common soul, I knew never one
    But her whisper in the empty, filled me with the sun... more »

  • The River Appomattox


    Today I heard the music of the rapids pure and true
    A hymn beneath my muddy feet that flowed a heaven's brew... more »

  • The Stillness Of A Pond

    Something moves a soul, in the stillness of a pond
    It mirrors more than meadows; -when heavy hearts are looking on
    With waves "hello" to those, while a wind stirs the calm
    It ripples over our throat, reflecting time, and loved-one's gone... more »

  • The Truest Heart

    Fly, my little friend -creature of wind and wood, -most will never notice, or give a glance if one could, but I take note your flight -and realize  brotherhood. For we both alike, fly  silent -misunderstood.

    The mellow moth's erratic wings flutter with hope inside, he has a heart like ours, -seeking light in all his life. To see the shining ray, his thoughts are on the night, he is a dreamer by day, just as I throughout my life... more »

  • Yours And Mine

                       Yours and Mine

    I remember the day's silence, -our dreams open and wide. A voice then rang your name aloud, through a doorway -hinged in time.
    It closed away your laughter, and the love of yours, and mine.... more »