• Forbidden Love

    The love of us will never be true
    and everyday i must sit and look at you
    the memories in my head
    the nights of staying up all nigt crying in bed... more »

  • I Hate You

    I hate everything about you
    I hate the way you walk
    I hate the way you talk
    I hate the way you raise your hand... more »

  • Strike 3; Am I Out Yet

    i was sitting on the plate between second and first
    i could tell this would end the worst
    i knew i couldn't talk
    so maybe i'd attempt to walk... more »

  • The Fork In The Road

    the fork in the road leads to many places
    it goes down the hill and to the valley
    it goes up the river and to the sea
    it travels along the lonely path... more »

  • The True Sadness Within

    the tears pour out.
    like the rain storm that flooded the earth.
    the eyes puff out.
    like the bud of a volcano pops out o the water blood red.... more »