• A Certain Stillness

    ... more »

  • A Reason

    The truth is in the after-glow.

    Is there a reason?... more »

  • All Night

    my thoughts and emotions
    all night all night
    I toss them around
    all night all night... more »

  • All Over Again

    I felt real again
    in touch and part of this world
    when optimism dropped in... more »

  • Almost Safe

    Almost safe inside my sanctuary -
    it's not that I'm afraid of solitude.
    Yes, there is loneliness, but why delude
    myself? In my heart, I must stay wary.... more »

  • Alternative Cv

    I've tried to earn a living. What a joke.
    Had fewer breaks because I would not smoke.
    I've typed too many lists of licence plates,
    And been in a few paralytic states.... more »

  • Always

    stretch like lycra
    across the span of years
    decades... more »

  • Analysis

    I think it through
    then analyse the analysis
    dissecting remembered conversations... more »

  • And That Is All

    Not even as good at anger anymore
    Thoughts of vengeance
    Convert the hurts
    Into more complex hurts... more »

  • Another Boring Poem

    I run out of dull “updates”
    for Facebook and Twitter –
    so I write boring poems, like this one, instead.
    Yes, you already know that I suffer from migraines –... more »

  • Artificial

    Take me, break me -
    artificial life.
    Sincerity, in reality,
    seems too much... more »

  • Autumn

    Leaves turn to gold, bronze, copper, burgundy.
    It still feels warm, but sometimes there’s a chill
    In the evening air. We wait until
    The leaves begin to tumble from the trees.... more »

  • Before I

    before I return the childhood memories
    to their dusty
    attic box
    maybe I will write my... more »

  • Bouquet Of Multi-Coloured Roses

    ... more »

  • But I Don'T

    I fear abandonment

    So much that I can't function... more »

  • Calm

    has settled
    here... more »

  • Cancelled

    can't hoop jump
    don't have very much
    to say... more »

  • Carousel

    around and around
    on the carousel
    around and around... more »

  • Cash Machines In Walls

    The seasons still revolve.
    Night melts into sunrise.
    We endlessly evolve.
    Truth punctures lies.... more »

  • Colours Of Pain

    magenta stains
    upon jet-black

    soothed by amethyst skies... more »

  • Consequences

    each conversation
    is a game of consequences
    at each point
    at which I could have said... more »

  • Dark

    ... more »

  • Depression

    I scrape my motivation off the floor –
    Pretend that I can face another day.
    I might appear to go on as before,
    But am not really here. What can I say?... more »

  • Destination: Lower Than Low

    when you think
    that you have hit
    rock bottom... more »

  • Disappointing Daughter

    Meet their disappointing daughter,
    with her disappointing ways.
    They would oh-so-love to humour her,
    but it really never pays.... more »