• Baby!

    baby, i miss you so,
    i need to hold you though,
    but i know i shouldn't,
    i know i wouldn't,... more »

  • Cant Come Back

    one reason why I can't come back
    because no one ever had my back,
    i know is hard to belive,
    i was the one to make my fears relief,... more »

  • Dream

    i dream about you all night,
    i cant keep you out my sight,
    i can't sleep sometimes,
    i wake up many times,... more »

  • Foreverr3

    ... more »

  • Life

    Life is hard I really don’t know why,
    But it can always get better many times.
    Theirs ups and downs but that’s what life is all about.
    You will get mad and get hurt,... more »

  • Never Let Go

    Times are bad times are right,
    you the only person in this life that can change this,
    when you look around your by yourself thinking why? ,
    when will I wake up knowing u will b there forever till the end,... more »

  • Only One

    i want to fly
    very high
    with you by my side
    i dont wantt o be bale to hide,... more »

  • The Best

    my dreams of being the best
    and getting out of my nest
    to be able to beon my own,
    with no one ones help but my own,... more »

  • When I Dont Talk 2 Him

    when i dont talk to him i feel lonely and tired
    when he gets mad i am sad and think about it throughly
    when i did something bad or messed up im sad mad because i hate messing up
    when your there i feel like nothing in the world insist... more »