• Helen Of Sparta

    Helen of Sparta came into my life
    deliberately in the thick of night
    wearing just a white chiton
    enfolding her ethereal beauty... more »

  • In Every Corner There Is A Woman

    In every corner there is a woman
    yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    There is always a woman... more »

  • It Is Written

    It is written that Adam and Eve were kicked
    out of paradise to pain and suffering
    because Eve enticed Adam to
    taste the fruit from the tree of knowledge.... more »

  • The Donkey Whines

    The donkey whines
    The donkey whimpers
    The load is high
    The load is wide... more »

  • The Myth Dies

    And the old myth dies along with Saint Aphrodite,
    Of the sinuous elegance and the lips of honey
    Who is now called Maria Virgin of the vines,
    Daughter of piety born under the Star of David,... more »

  • The Only Thing

    The only thing she had left to sell
    to survive in this market place was her body.... more »

  • The Serpent

    There she is disheveled and dirty
    By the sidewalk begging for change

    She was young once full of dreams... more »

  • The Terrors

    The terrors of yesterday
    Are here today
    Marching in unison.
    See them and tremble,... more »

  • We Make Love

    ... more »

  • Zeus

    Zeus had a lot of love affairs.
    He made love to all beautiful women
    he fancied and along the way
    sired a few sons and daughters... more »