• Genocide On Bleecker Street

    They call me “trash.”
    They call me “wetback.”
    They call me “nigger.”
    They call me “beggar.”... more »

  • Kept Away

    I have seen
    the faces
    of the pushed-down,
    the cut-round,... more »

  • May We Embrace

    I was taught about attraction
    of like pleasure centers
    inside the graffiti
    on the urinals... more »

  • Raise That Voice

    You can’t get rid of me
    that easy,
    you’ll need a machete
    cuz this world can be petty... more »

  • Rooftops

    Come into my circle.
    I crave Circumference
    and your Cradling Conscience.... more »

  • The Griot

    Come to this Circle
    where all Truths are told
    where all Gods are guiding
    where all Lanterns illuminate... more »

  • The Sounds I Make

    Come close Baby.
    This ain’t no bear trap,
    this ain’t no jail cell
    cuz I take no prisoners.... more »