• =deaf, Blind And Dumb

    Deaf Ears To The Various Sounds
    Shredding Apart The Unwanted Songs
    Selectively Receipting Only Your Mellifluous Voice
    Heart’s Gathering Just The Words That Your Mouth Drops... more »

  • 00 Writing On The Window Pane

    Sitting by the window
    Just a while ago
    I bask in the beauty
    Of the glorious snowfall show.... more »

  • Aids

    It only happens to someone else
    How can it happen to me?
    Isn't this what all of us usually think?... more »

  • And Now That You'Re Gone...

    Now that you're gone,... more »

  • Ask Agony Aunt

    Aunty, I need help
    How do I stop thinking about him?
    (Oh! Good heaven
    You are in love,... more »

  • Belief Poem (1)

    ~Dancing To My Own Tune~
    ~Looking for An Oasis Amid Sand Dunes~

    ~I've Built Castles In The Air~... more »

  • Belief Poem (2)

    She Was Average
    She Seemed Content.
    Disregarding Her Failures
    Preferring Stagnant Life To Changes.... more »

  • Belief Poem (3)

    - Soil.... more »

  • Bluie, My Octopus Friend (Children)

    I’m a human and Bluie’s an octopus.
    If we’re friends what’s the fuss?
    I have two legs and two hands, but
    He’s got eight limbs to listen to his commands!... more »

  • Buried Dead

    When Two Pieces Of Broken Heart Cannot Be Glued,
    That’s When I Die Waiting For You.
    Bury Me, Like They Do To The Dead,
    But Don’t Put Me In A Coffin... more »

  • By The Sea Shore

    Soft sand
    Whispering winds
    Sky & Sea
    Hand-in-hand.... more »

  • Career Demolition Drive

    Gazing at your image in the mirror
    You see your past, your dreams and aspirations
    And compare it with the
    >>Present You<<... more »

  • Connect (Internet Series)

    Two lonely hearts
    Searching for an invisible soul
    Ready to shoot their love darts
    Waiting for love to go on a roll.... more »

  • Desert

    Amaranthine of sand
    Camel hump dunes
    contours of waves
    formed by wind.... more »

  • Early Morning Treats

    Sunrays disquiet your sweet slumber,
    As you twist in bed, coiled in bedspread.
    Your arms settle on my body
    Perhaps, they were searching for me.... more »

  • Family Love Forever

    Have u ever thought actually
    What it would be like, without a family.

    Family is the only one,... more »

  • Feeling Worthless

    Hark at work
    Each day of the week
    Time constraints met, yet
    No appreciative word he speaks.... more »

  • Finally I Confess (Internet Series)

    Electronic transmissions
    establish the connection.
    A few words exchanged
    Over yahoo messenger... more »

  • Friendship

    Have you ever wondered what friendship is?
    Friendship is a strong thread,
    Which can never be broken.... more »

  • Fulfil Your Need, But Not Your Greed

    The history of Earth dates back to millions of years ago,
    When a perfect engineer, ‘the God’, created this world.
    He made life in forms of plants and animals,
    And for all gave them Earth - the abode.... more »

  • Gandhi Ji’s B’day (Children)

    Mom pointed to the sky and said
    That’s where Grandpa Poe’s gone.
    He on a star, far far away
    Here it’s night there it maybe a day!... more »

  • God

    You made this beautiful world,
    You gave us the trees and the birds.

    You gave us the things we need... more »

  • Guess Who I Am! !

    I am inside you,
    I am around you,
    I am on your mind,
    We both are entwined.... more »

  • Harassed / Sensetized

    We discussed about ‘Sexual harassment’
    In class the other day.
    Every guy present there vowed to
    Never harass a girl, as it was unethical and... more »

  • Hindi Poem: Ek Jannat (Heaven)

    If Love Is Heaven, And Sadness is Hell
    I'm Used To This Sadness And Seperation... more »