• Hindi Poem: Rakshak Hone Ka Inaam

    Har kadam pe rehta hai unka pehra
    Unki badaulat hai jeevan ji rahe hai sunehra.
    In sabme hai bharat ma ke liye pyaar
    Yeh kehlate hai rakshak urf suraksha ki deewar.... more »

  • Hindi: Bas Itna Bata Do...

    Dabey paav zindagi mein aakar
    Ab yeh kaise shor macha rahe ho
    Kya apne anokhey andaaz mein
    Mujhe pukar rahe ho?... more »

  • Hindi: Sochti Hu...

    Takiye pe sar rakhte hi
    Dil aur dimaag mein uthta hai ek bhanwar

    Soch ka bhawar…... more »

  • Honey Trap (Internet Series)

    One new e-mail
    Announces the pop-up
    Subject: Win $ 10,000, it shook me up.... more »

  • Hope (Just A Thought)

    Hope Was Hoping
    That Hopefully
    It would be
    Able to Fulfil... more »

  • I Ain’t No Kid (Children)

    John’s in the army
    And he calls me a kid
    But I know I’m big.... more »

  • I Was It's Prey!

    Admiring the bird
    Perched on the tree
    I envied her
    for she was free.... more »

  • I Wish I Were The Tear Falling From Your Eye

    I wish I were the tear falling from your eye
    Gliding down your cheek
    Sensing your skin
    Soaking up a kiss... more »

  • I'M The Ocean, You'Re The Sky

    Inky gear with million accessories
    The - Wisps of clouds
    Charismatic Moon
    And Celestial bodies.... more »

  • Ishara Ek/One Sign


    En Barish ki boondo ko dekh,
    Karte hai yeh bhi ishara ek,... more »

  • Just A Click Away (Internet Series)

    Information overload
    Software downloads via illegal copies
    Maps showing the roads
    also tour various countries.... more »

  • Last Laugh!

    the sun
    the soil
    the water
    the greens... more »

  • Lessons From A Tortoise

    When trouble attacks, I make no noise
    Simply take on the foe with poise.
    Curling into a ball
    I retreat into my shell... more »

  • Life Is A Challenge

    The moonlight lit the ghostly night,
    The lady cried at a jeeps sight.
    Te army men came with a note
    And held the remains of her husband’s stained coat.... more »

  • Lights....

    ... more »

  • Like A Candle

    I’ll ward off the darkness
    Just like candle does for a room
    Not a single shade of black will exist
    There’ll be a gamut of stars and a full moon.... more »

  • Love

    Don't Shout
    Feelings of love are for you and me,
    They aren't to be said out loud.... more »

  • Love Letters For Sale!

    Distances made our relationship grow warmer
    Through handwritten letters, the cards and the paper hearts
    Or love grew stronger.... more »

  • Love Vs. Evil

    I skipped and ran across the field
    To find love so that this world can be healed
    This world was hurt with evil’s knife
    I wanted to fight and bring it back to life.... more »

  • Makeup

    Did he say
    He loved girls with
    Kohl smeared eyes
    A pink blush... more »

  • Mother's Kiss

    Skinned knees
    Aching bellies
    An Ankle sprain;
    Mother, your one kiss was enough... more »

  • Music

    Music touches you the most,
    It refreshes you with its serenity.
    Be it Do, Re, Me or Sa, Re, Ga, Ma,
    Music is the soul of life.... more »

  • Nature At Ease

    Sun glows at
    The break of dawn.
    Trees with outstretched hands
    Flirt with the winds.... more »

  • Night

    The canvas of black
    On display each night.
    Laced with fluffly clouds
    Stars lending them a soft light.... more »

  • No Escape

    Born and brought up in a caring family,
    I reached life’s perfection.
    I was very lucky actually
    To get proper parental attention.... more »