• Take My Hand

    Background: This poem is inspired from a sketch made by my brother which shows two hands that are interwined.... more »

  • Teacher Teacher! : Madcap

    Oh! That’s an easy question,
    England is on the map.
    Teacher fumed at my answer
    And gave me one tight slap.... more »

  • Tennis

    One to a side or maybe two,
    Tennis players are very few.
    But all those who play this game,
    With their racquets achieve fame.... more »

  • The Day She Began To Write For Herself

    The Stage Was Set
    Preparation Was Done
    Lines Were Written
    They Would Please, She Was Certain.... more »

  • The Hungry Boy

    Skin stretched over his ribcage
    My eyes moistened looking at his feeble image.
    Sweeping the floor of Borivali Fast
    Approaching me with his hands outstretched.... more »

  • This Feeling Of Being...

    My stomach is rumbling
    With fork and spoon I am fumbling
    While I stare at the diners mingling.... more »

  • Time Passed Us By

    Side-by-side we sit
    In the movie hall
    Though hand in hand
    But the mood is peculiar.... more »

  • To All ‘gossipy’ & ‘interfering’ Aunties & Uncles

    Talk about the newest affairs
    Of teenagers of our colony, and
    the aunties and uncles will know it all
    And this I sometimes find funny.... more »

  • To: An African Mother, From: A Malnourished African Child

    Born in the famine struck Africa
    Living at the age of five
    You told me mother,
    That I was lucky to be alive.... more »

  • Two Cities

    From my city of streaming emotions,
    Your city is mysteriously appealing.
    My yearning communicated to you
    By the phone lines of unexplained.... more »

  • Unappealing Blank Papers

    All the blank pages
    Normally would invite
    A pen to leave a mark
    Wooing the writer to... more »

  • Unknown Sister

    I asked for a sister and soon after -
    You breathed in my mothers womb
    The garden of our family seemed to bloom
    A Joyous life ahead was what we all assumed.... more »

  • Up On A Shining Star

    Wings of dreams
    And shine of pearls
    Away from worldly schemes,
    That’s where we’re perched-... more »

  • Victimized Lovers

    Victimized stands the love
    Thanks to the many wrongs.
    Separation prolonged
    As the misunderstandings came along.... more »

  • Voice Of The Sea

    Blue expanse
    Stretched to infinity.
    Waves create patterns
    With every... more »

  • We Call It Faith

    The dust settles and past has been locked
    Roads are empty where you once walked
    The veiled songs of when you were young
    Never seem to be back on your tongue.... more »

  • What To Write Here

    There is so much i know,
    So much to express
    Ideas bubbling in my mind.
    Not just now, but all the time.... more »

  • Yellow (Colour Poem)

    Yellow are the taxi tops
    the butterflies and bumblebees
    juicy lemons, sunflower
    and falling leaves.... more »

  • You

    My dad wrote this poem for me.
    i love it! !

    YOU... more »

  • Zzzz Beauty Standards

    Don't read fashion magazines,
    They'll make you feel ugly;
    With polished faces staring back at you
    Your face may suddenly start to seem like a cluttered view.... more »

  • Zzzz Confession

    There's a Thought crowding my mind
    Explaination to which i cannot find.
    To Love or Not To Love that is the question,
    Please don't leave, hear my confession.... more »

  • Zzzz Crust Vs. Core

    Learning comes in many forms... more »

  • Zzzzz Alone

    Will a friend fly here
    Among the gulls that glide and cry,
    And erase all the mortification
    Just to end this life's taxation?... more »

  • Zzzzz Book Talk

    Why are you not talking to me?
    I hold treasures just come and see
    Come rustle my pages
    The knowledge I hold spans ages.... more »

  • Zzzzz....Divided, But United In Grief

    The British sowed the seeds of anguish
    ‘Divide and Rule policy’ was on their list
    They spread their fangs using our society’s cracks
    Old, young and ladies,... more »