• Colossal

    Don't ask me, to tip joyously through the daisies, or look for little fairies. Quite frankly I'd find it a bore.

    Your always in never, never land, without even going, out the door.... more »

  • Joined

    He wanted love, or so it would seem.
    Love to fill an empty void, caused by shattered dreams.

    She wanted love, or so it seemed. Love to stop loneliness creepings, like a slow haunted dream.... more »

  • Love Mingles

    Money is something thou needs to survive.
    Love is something thou feels from inside.

    Make sure when thou connect the two,... more »

  • Where The Butterflies Go

    Fluttering gracefully, without making a sound.
    Higher and higher the butterflies are bound.
    Wing's floating lightly, on the crisp air.
    Fluttering wing's bigger, than butterflies body.... more »