• A Good Friend

    There was a time I said that blood
    Though may be thicker than water,
    Yet blood is water and that is not a question,
    Because the fact has been attested to in the lab.... more »

  • A Psycho Word

    I rambled through your backyard
    Like Arabian genie held bound in a lantern,
    Seeing no one and hoping that none
    Or your dad had known that I shall flood... more »

  • A Requiem For Rain

    The radiance of the trapped sun
    Flickered in the stifling cloud.
    The blithe women danced around
    The chorus thundered and the winds replicate.... more »

  • A Soldier's Last Thought

    Like bitter leaf can
    It still taste sweeter?
    Though in exchange for his soul right
    There at the war front that night... more »

  • At The Cross-Way

    At the final point, we stood by the by-way,
    Beside the highway, when I felt
    His palm perched like a bird, resting perfectly upon my shoulder.... more »

  • Broken Wings

    O sun, hide me from her seductive brow,
    I am an angel from altItude watching insidious clay
    Moulded in Eve shape, polish with feminine nouns.
    I wish I could keep the feelings before it was late.... more »

  • Confession

    He thought I was carried away,
    Before picking the cowhide to rapp
    Me on the head and right there, bang!
    Another asteroid fell flat... more »

  • Death Acquaintance

    I have been acquainted with death,
    Accompanying my uncle to his funeral parlor
    Where i had seen bodies like still life artwork.

    I've seen the funeral of many littered flock... more »

  • Dont Judge Me

    thought you've learned from me
    That to err is human but forgiveness is divinity.
    We all make mistakes sometimes as we learn
    What is right from wrong whenever we rise or fall.... more »

  • Fia

    The fire burned it deep from within,
    Yet it was smokeless, though it
    Reached the sky and enveloped
    The dome of its thought, eclipsing... more »

  • Field

    At sunset culprits' crimson shower
    painted the Afrognistic grove.
    The herald clarion reverberated-... more »

  • God Of Individualism (Psalm)

    Oh lord, I shall wait upon you my God;
    In life and death my voice shall praise your name.
    I can feel it though I can see you not
    In the flowing stream, stormy sea and still mountains.... more »

  • Heartless

    The common word in the vocabularies of many,
    That even the soulless vampire and the African
    Witches use against another is 'heartless', but many do not
    Understand what it truly means to be heartless,... more »

  • I Am Wolf

    Town with the wolves I go
    This night to voice out our souls,
    Where all the city wolves roll
    Every night into town homes.... more »

  • In Memorial

    She would look quite often at him
    Like Narcissus that glared into
    The pool to find his reflection,
    Yet she could not see in his eyes... more »

  • In-Between

    I stand in between
    That which will come
    And that which has gone;
    The hope that I lost... more »

  • Just Like A Bird In The Cage

    Bred in captivity,
    The bird in the cage
    Thought it was a pet,
    Because it's well fed... more »

  • Letter From Hell

    Mr Clerics, exercise some patience
    While going through this LETTER FROM HELL,
    Which I've also sent to many
    That may later receive our IV,... more »

  • Lost Relics

    It seems I can view the entire
    Race of every human chatted
    And plotted on a map of desire.... more »

  • Love Is The Terrain Of Dream

    Give me a flower,
    I shall tend and treasure
    It like my heart, honey.... more »

  • Men As Predators

    Each bird of prey sat lonely on a seat close to the wall,
    Deducing and watching each fish with cup of beers in their hands.
    Cunningly they caress the lips with their thumb
    Fingers,... more »

  • Metamorphosis

    Dripdrop like Noah's flood drumming the roof sheet;
    The crystal streetlamp stood lonely like city moon,
    A cloud of dedicated moths would woo the goddess,
    The Helen of Troy, to amuse passersby with worship pride.... more »

  • Midway Through The Horizon

    The little winter bathed
    the earth with frosty dawn
    As the peasant left the field
    and left their spade behind.... more »

  • My Heart Isn'T For Me To Give (Sonnet)

    I never knew you thought of love the same way.
    The plume apple juice is sour to the tongue,
    So I have no feeling to share with you in the grave.
    The early May roses shield off their leaves for us.... more »

  • My Tribute To My Mother

    My mama, sweet mother.
    Your womb is like Roman fortress
    For the African future stars.
    My mama, sweet mother,... more »