wow you people would like to know about me well thats a long story. now i know that i am only 15 but hey i have been through a lot believe me my parents divorcing 5,6 times heart breaks, and just a lot of pain. basically i live in a hard place. no i have not published any poems but man would i like to have one of my poems in a book.


Pedro Rubio III Poems

Lions And Humans

like the tiger stalks its prey and hunts for it
humans do the same for love.
it is something we need
its something we cant live without.... more »

What Do You Do? By Pedro Rubio Iii

do you give to the poor
i'm giving you the floor
what have you done?
for God, for anyone... more »

Do Not Say Goodbye My Dear

Do not say goodbye my dear
Hold my tight keep me near
Do not sya goodbye though the days grow of dark and fear
Do not say goodbye my dear... more »

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