• me

    Let’s take a glimpse at my life
    Carefree has never been quite right
    Adventurous now looking back seems fitting
    Once moved from Fl. To La. To be with a man I’m so in love with... more »

  • A Chance Swim

    I’m being pulled away, the undertow is to strong.
    I can’t seem to catch the wave, that will carry me home.
    The closer I get to you, the farther away you are.... more »

  • About Me

    Words flow from my lips at the strangest times,
    They just jump right out there and aren’t always kind,
    Seems they skip the part of my brain that says don’t,
    Traveling at the speed of light they just go,... more »

  • As Of Today

    I gave you freedom the room to grow
    Proudly stood back silent allowing your ink to flow
    Kept my distance and distracted myself
    The whole time thinking this is good for his soul’s health... more »

  • Fell From Grace

    She fell from grace
    To a regret filled place... more »

  • For The Man I Love

    Give to me your hand so I may show you the way
    Open up your mind let our dreams lead us each day
    Share with me your heart knowing mine belongs to you
    Trust in my promise my love for you is true... more »

  • Her Safe Place

    Second hand were the rags she wore
    One hand gloved the other wishes it were
    Mismatched shoes only one has laces
    Jacket dirty and torn it’s once pink only seen in traces... more »

  • I’m Still Imprisoned (Acrostic)

    For there’s a pain that won’t go away
    Often it lingers in my brain
    Reality is hard to sustained
    Grieving it all once again... more »

  • Join Us

    Is this a dream, or are you real
    You stand over me watching, your eyes I can feel
    My blood runs cold, warmth no longer felt
    Your breath lingering, in the air burnt sulfur is smelt... more »

  • Mr. Moore

    An elderly gentleman makes his way into a smoky room
    He sees many familiar faces some with smiles others with doom
    Nods his head to his once favorite waitress a nod she returns
    Everyday for many years he’s drank the same thing, a double shot JD, long neck bud to chase the burn... more »

  • Quickie (Adult)

    Make me moan
    Make me cum
    Slip me toung
    Give me some... more »

  • Sand Castle

    There was a castle in the sand
    The children built loveingly by hand
    Buckets and shovels they used with pride
    Sunny was the afternoon low was the tide... more »

  • Summer Of A Thousand Dreams (Adult)

    Softly kiss my body
    Untying my bikini, exposing me
    Mutter the words I long to hear
    Moaning quietly drawing me near... more »

  • The One Thing You Can’t Control

    Mt heart said yes as my mind said no
    Another chance was given as the little voice screamed go
    My soul was weary as its shell was weak
    Alone in the dark the voices do speak... more »

  • This Magical Spell

    Lighting the candles, their sent hits the air
    Sliding down in your warmth as I let go of all cares
    Gently caressing my skin
    Washing over me, this must be a sin... more »

  • When My Thoughts Run Astray

    The day we met face to face
    That’s the day my heart knew its place
    As time went on it became very clear
    You were what was missing, I belong here... more »

  • Where We Come From....[reborn

    Over the horizon just out of our sight, beyond earthly thinking.
    Past the moon and stars of daylight, just right of seeing.
    Lies a place where dreams are lived, without ever sleeping.
    Hate is erased for there is no agenda, everyone's equally accepted. Perfection is a profound statement, when imperfection makes us related.... more »

  • Writer’s Block

    Write a line turn a page can’t seem to get it straight these days
    To many thoughts all at once feelings upon feeling your mind’s gone nuts
    Write a title scribble a few words most of what you write will never be heard
    Crinkled up paper amassing a ball articulately speaking adds up to nothing at all... more »

  • You Should Have Known

    You should have known he wasn’t yours
    All he shared with you was words
    Dreamy fantasies yes that’s true
    Yet here he is with me so goodbye was said to you... more »