Per. Nig. Comments (19)

Beautiful poems. I like them a lot! :) Keep writing
'you have such a wonderful way with your words, your poems are put into words and meanings that the world can surely understand' by Kathy Langlois Thanks Kathy
all your poems are really nice you rock want u say if we be came friends?
Nightingale, at you the most poetical biography: births from joyful tears of angels... It is remarkable!
roses and love.....always linked together
A poet who weaves his magic in his verse, always good to read his lovely words, Persian Nightingale sings!
He's the poet everyone must adore and admire.
As his pen name, which is already a promise, each poem of this Persian Nightingale is a wonderful history of thought and words playing together, to give the reader his/her human story. Story of love, of life, of wisdom.
He wrote a very short and very meaningful poem...showing all his love and care...really a very unique. and I love reading his work.