Percy Dovetonsils is the nom de plume of Doug Lane, who laughed himself nearly to death when he first heard/saw Percy Dovetonsils lisping in his cravate on the old Ernie Kovacs Show. Doug Lane is alive and worrying about his credit card balances in Los Angeles, California. He some day hopes to grow himself a mustache as thin as Percy's.


Percy Dovetonsils Poems

Jello's Ode

Fruit-flavored lights!
Shivering, quivering, edible sights!
Spooned up suns of chewable mood-
Plasmic, prismic, rhythmic, food.... more »

An Insistent Knocking

Life, said the old poet
is an insistent knocking
on doors that won't open
into houses... more »


The professors,
who have taught
in person
their whole lives,... more »

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