Perejaume Biography

Pere Jaume Borrell i Guinart, known as Perejaume, was born in Sant Pol de Mar, Catalonia in 1957. He is a painter and poet.

Perejaume has published various books of essays and poetry. Noteworthy among his essays are Ludwig-Jujol. Què és el collage sinó acostar soledats? (Ludwig-Jujol. What is Collage but to Approach Solitude?, 1989), El paisatge és rodó (The Countryside is Round, 1995) and Oïsme (1998), and, among his poetry, La pintura i la boca (Painting and the Mouth, 1993) and Obreda (Workings, 2003). In 2004 Perejaume published a study as tribute to the poet Jacint Verdaguer, entitled Els cims pensamenters (The Violet Peaks).