PS Perry Schwartz july 20th 1986

Hello my name is Perry Schwartz i am in inspiring writer poet and playwright i started writing when i was fourteen years old since then it has become a favorite hobby and past time of mine. I had had a few of my poems published in numerous newsletters most recently i collaborated on a Book with some people i know. i wrote a true story as well as a science fiction and mystery story as well i am currently working on a play which both a children's story and science fiction. My favorite Author is Charles Dickens the book i like the most by him is Oliver Twist i am greatly inspired by classic literature authors my favorite three genres to write are science fiction mystery and fantasy. Besides writing i also play drums in a rock n roll band i write novels and short stories as well and am in the Process of Writing a novel the character is partly based on myself and some things that actually happened to me. i enjoy writing and hope to someday make it into a career full time that's my dream i am under contact with litfire publishing based in Atlanta Georgia.



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