Perveiz Ali Biography

Perveiz Ali, born in the eighties in Pampore, the world famous Saffron Town of Kashmir, graduated in Centurian Shri Pratap College in Srinagar. He then earned his post graduate degree in Geography from The University of Kashmirand now works as a teacher.

Enthused by folk songs composed by famous mystic Kashmiri poetic figures like Rusool Mir, Habba khatoon, Mehjoor, he started writing poems, some of which have received awards. He has also cultivated an appreciation for Urdu poetry: Sir Mohamnad Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmed Faraz and Mir Takki Mir all captured his attention and inspired him to write with more sensitivity and picturesque style. He also became familiarwith the beautiful versification of Aga Shahid Ali, a landmark Kashmiri-born American poet, whose influence has spiced his poetic endeavors with patriotic flavor.

His body of work is multi-faceted, touchingon social and communal development, individual responsibilities in the welfare of society, Nature, Romance, and his intense love of the Kashmir Valley and its heavenly beauty. His original poetry has gained him considerable appreciation in his nation, but also internationally.