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  • Abandon Disparity

    With so much unrest in the world and fighting among nations,
    Our ardous task should be to control our vulgar passions.

    Advertent and inadvertent misuse of theology is rampant,... more »

  • Affiliations


    Rally the people to discuss bloody wars,
    Pay heed to their bad political calls.... more »

  • Aspirations Inherited

    I am a balloon filled with hope.
    You seek to watch my ascent with joy,
    You believe I will reach the distant stars.
    But I fear a leak shall soon manifest,... more »

  • Befallen

    It's as if I'm falling, deep into a black hole,
    No sense of time, no chronology present.
    Darkness envelops my consciousness,... more »

  • Butterfly


    Oh butterfly! How delicate  your decency is,
    Should I call you... more »

  • Change

    Change is fate of both dynamic and static,
    In response to environs or to face the tragic.

    They say change is a variable law of nature,... more »

  • Changing Seasons

    Changing Seasons

    Changing seasons are our guide to change,
    Dynamism conquering the static boredom.... more »

  • Charity

    Don't contaminate the heart as its reality is charity
    Always seek to avoid envy, avarice and cruelty.

    Money, food and clothes to poor ispure charity,... more »

  • Choices

    Some pray in their own fashion,
    Even as others declare their freedom.
    Choices made but all seek peace,
    All need to develop unbiased instincts.... more »

  • Colours

    Colours flying in midst of smiling faces,
    Celebration of good's triumph over evil.
    So many ideals of ancestral purity,... more »

  • Conquered


    When first we met,
    I thought, how beautiful you are.... more »

  • Corrupted Beauty

    In this era of computers there is now global villages,
    Nations compromise with united economic packages.

    Many seek to cement unified and beneficial trade,... more »

  • Courage

    Man is born with an enviable trait,
    A trait that allows him to rise to heights.
    Elusive in some but rampant in many,
    Encouraged in the bold, thrown at the meek.... more »

  • Daily Gift

    Daily Gift

    Each day of each year is special,
    Each is a blessing from our lord.... more »

  • Dream

    To dream is normal, not a sin,
    It's how we get prepared to win.

    To live sans dreams, is hopeless,... more »

  • Dream State

    Dream State

    Why does my brain become befuddled,
    With just a single thought of you.... more »

  • Dream Zone

    Laying in my room in solitude, mind centered on you,
    A thousand images of you, melded to one in white and blue.

    I fell asleep in my room, devoid of you, regrets few,... more »

  • Dreamscape


    Whenever I close my eyes, images of you surface,
    Each memory of cherished moments bring joy.... more »

  • Enthralled

    ... more »

  • Equality

    All mankind born of Divine pair, Adam and Eve,
    Surely enough to prove, none is superior to another.
    All are equal and deserve rights and respect equally,
    As clan, creed and color is just ruses for distinction.... more »

  • Facing Truth

    Facing Truth

    I find myself once more on the precipice,
    That edge of disappointment and despair.... more »

  • Fallacy


    In lanes and streets of need,
    Fractured skeletons wail and cry.... more »

  • Fate

    Ardous struggle to fight through in life,
    Plans designed, abandoned during strife.

    Why must we constrain one's woven dream?... more »

  • Fly High

    I wish to have wings to fly,
    The ablity to lift beyond rings.
    I would have built a den
    In shadow of Angels' homes.... more »