• Broken World

    We beheld the beauty of the first garden in originality
    Life in its simplicity
    An egalitarian world
    Needs and wants afar us... more »

  • Love N Regain

    Proudly I kneel before her speechless
    My cap bow in humility as my eyes flow ocean of water
    Just to say I'm sorry
    My heart bear witness with my spirit that I'm innocent... more »

  • My Golden Precious

    Here I am again on this path
    Rejected by me and others journey through this sweet agony road
    Through the thorn and pain
    Some crowned it with ring... more »

  • Night Hunter

    Rain befall and sun scourge me
    I am left without shade to protect me
    Amidst thousands yet lonely
    Death pierces my heart and sized my right kidney... more »

  • Prison Heart

    I'm lost in an unknown world where I am not a stranger
    Citizen of love recognize and value by all
    People adore my knowledge about my country
    As several relationships has been fabricate and re-established... more »

  • Unveling My Bride

    The world await to see my bride
    The wait is over
    To my family, friends, colleagues and the entire universe
    I present to you… the mother of my children... more »