Peter Gumbo Poems

Inviscible Tears

Ingeeh! ! is the song he awakens to as is the lullaby he sleeps to.
A reminder of a mistake,
a painful and dreadful aftermath of pleasure,
if only he had known better,... more »

Beneath The Surface

Her wet face,
Is a revelation of the short race,
Her most beloved had to face,
She looks around but all she sees is an empty space,... more »

Tastless Buds

In her eyes I saw an inflaming scorch of desire,
So I sow the seeds of passion in her garden,
A liaison I engaged in,
Without realizing the wickedness that leaked within her,... more »

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Comments about Peter Gumbo

Cece Kiarie 16 Aug 2007 04:19
I believe this is a young going places and he challenges me to feel more dream more need more a creative poet indeed!
Hope Tumaini 12 Jul 2007 05:22
i think the poem inviscible tears was so moving and if it was a recital it could be wonderful.peter, you have the potential to like go places with your poetry. i would like more poems from you because 7 is too little.goodluck