• A Crack On The Ground

    The last time I saw him breath he was asleep,
    But the last time I saw him sleep,
    I could not help but weep,
    My tears trickled down and formed a sorrowful heap,... more »

  • A Recitation

    My love you are a poem with its own description:
    The assonance of your whispers,
    The rhyme in scripted in your voice,
    The themes that outline your body,... more »

  • Beneath The Surface

    Her wet face,
    Is a revelation of the short race,
    Her most beloved had to face,
    She looks around but all she sees is an empty space,... more »

  • Beware Of…...

    Beware of……

    The human beast,
    Who does nothing but feast,... more »

  • Echoeing Silence

    He tries to feign a smile,
    Even if only for a while,
    But sad memories are written on his face like a file,
    Living him bitter with emotions that are fragile.... more »

  • Inside Out

    He stands in the middle of a wrangle,
    That had made his life to tangle,
    It is like being in a jungle,
    Only that what he can hear is a bickering silence,... more »

  • Inviscible Tears

    Ingeeh! ! is the song he awakens to as is the lullaby he sleeps to.
    A reminder of a mistake,
    a painful and dreadful aftermath of pleasure,
    if only he had known better,... more »

  • Myopia

    What do you do when you have made a mistake?
    And when the person you have wronged thinks you are a fake,
    Even though everything you do is for their sake.
    Tell me what is the take,... more »

  • Pleasure Untapped

    In a momentous spun of passion,
    I reveal the nudity of lustrous desire within me,
    Bare yet so rare.
    A wild spark that emanates an enfuriated glamour of love making,... more »

  • Revolution

    As the world revolves,
    with it comes seasonal changes,
    changes that affect our everyday living;
    winters of sorrow and pain,... more »

  • Sunning Hills

    When I went up the hill,
    The hill was pitch green,
    So my face lit up with a grin,
    Because I was amazed by the feel,... more »

  • Sylvia

    V... more »

  • Tastless Buds

    In her eyes I saw an inflaming scorch of desire,
    So I sow the seeds of passion in her garden,
    A liaison I engaged in,
    Without realizing the wickedness that leaked within her,... more »

  • The Cruise

    Let us take a cruise in the wide and long stretched amazon.
    Let us board the ship called us,
    and sail in the waters of our relationship,
    to discover the mysteries it holds:... more »

  • The Verdict

    Run! Run! Run!
    The voice came shaper than a bullet from a gun,
    Down! Down! Down!
    The buildings came crumbling down.... more »