• Chocolate Carbonara

    Oh how I wish that you would walk
    And how I wish that you would go
    and leave me.... more »

  • I Will Always Do

    I 've got to stop on crying.
    This world is caving in.
    The thought of this feeling
    crushes my heart.... more »

  • Please Don'T Wake Me Up

    Only in my dreams
    that you are in my arms.
    Only when I sleep
    I feel that you are mine.... more »

  • Smoke And Alcohol

    On a February morning,
    a sword sliced me in half so clean
    you can't discern a mark.
    Only bread and hotdogs to eat,... more »

  • Wind

    Shining through the skies
    like a backdropp in the sky,
    this large wing of tenderness
    slowly passed me by.... more »