• Conservation

    Conservation starts on laundry day
    As wet white sheets are pinned away
    On clothesline stretched and taunt
    To catch what sunbeams have always brought... more »

  • Quick As A Cat

    Be advised the Grim Reaer is quick as a cat
    Entering and exiting before you can scat
    With no sense of boundaries or personal space
    No show of feeling for the sad human race... more »

  • The Song Of The Desert

    Thundering hoofbeats are heard in the vale
    then a whirl away horse come up the trail
    As a jazz clarinetist is playing the blues,
    there is a foot tapping gallop by a hundred kazoos... more »

  • Winter In Troy

    Naked branches bending back and forth
    By winter's wicked wind blowing from the north
    Ah, man shivers standing still for the bus at dawn,
    Delayed downtown from frozen frantic traffic.... more »