• 17 Gashes To The Heart

    A blade upon the wrist evades in time,
    A blade upon the heart scars for life.

    Heed this advice and you’ll make it through,... more »

  • Distant Memories

    Memories of present and past,
    Time just seems to go by so fast.

    As one door opens, another closes,... more »

  • Dreams

    Many a choice we may face in life.
    Although which way, I cannot say.... more »

  • Giving Up

    Time has run out, all hope is lost.
    It’s time to move on, for my blood hath cost.

    My life, run short, but these memories remain.... more »

  • He Who Stands High

    Not a penny to my name,
    Such a man be put to shame.

    I hath no place I call home,... more »

  • I Miss You (Rachel)

    From the first time I held your hand,
    To the first time we played in the sand.

    My heart warmed, with feelings of ore,... more »

  • Immortal Wounds

    Oh radiant love, though pure at heart,
    hath only torn us further apart.

    Once no more, we heed this sore,... more »