• Belong

    Through solemn day and darker night

    Weathered storms that batter blue... more »

  • Bubbles

    One bubble of envy reflects green
    One bubble of joy is rarely to be seen
    One bubble of fulfillment sits humble but proud
    One bubble of ego still sits boisterous and loud... more »

  • Curse Me

    Curse me at birth
    With no will to find my worth
    Feed me scraps from your table until I learn my berth
    Choose my hopes and bend my ears... more »

  • Here, My Dear

    Fortune lies where promise hides, Inside a burdened soul
    Sorrow offers no disguise alone she makes me whole
    Her beauty matches every word with captivating grace
    For I have never seen nor heard another I'll embrace... more »

  • My Best Friend

    I anticipated your arrival

    In dreams cast in the shade... more »

  • Negative Space

    Why do I motion when they pluck your solitary string?
    Lest I disregard your touch, I'll suffer all the same
    Indeed you ensorcel my soul though scarcely do you sing
    Your chambers fill with no remorse but fail to stake a claim... more »

  • One Word

    They say a picture tells a thousand words
    One word can paint a thousand scenes

    Some say that dreams are thoughts to be deferred... more »

  • Penance

    Sorrow decrees a parting of ways

    Extended apologies remain sincere... more »

  • Prodigious

    How prodigious a pigeon that may fill this hole

    Broad as a great sea, soaring like a tree... more »

  • Strong

    Do you promise to watch her wherever she goes?
    Remind her of me from time to time
    Can you tell her I love her so she always knows?
    I know she loves you but she’ll always be mine... more »

  • Untitled

    ... more »